Self Titled Demon


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on five kill records


released January 25, 2019

written, recorded, and performed by BURLY 2017-2018

BURLY is: Adam, Ian, Rich, Ryan, Seth, Tim

mixed at Dumb Sound Studios, troy, NY

mastered by ian nichols

artwork by brendan dalton


all rights reserved



BURLY Troy, New York

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Track Name: Branches of Blood
The girl I love is

her heart -- a cascade
of origami
swans sending
her words north
through the branches of blood.

she is a forest full
of hanging


I still get lost there.)

she showed me
the ink that strangers put on her – once

screams carved
into bark, cruel calligraphy
across porcelain roots dragging
deep into the earth.

it was hard to read.

the black letters
crossed themselves – eventually.

the girl I love
is paper who wants to burn,
who wants the ink
to bleed out
from her mouth like solar flares

and run
into my darkness

every night.
Track Name: Happy Birthday 2001
This is me

Standing in your driveway, taking sips of homemade wine
Talking to your cousin, trying not to seem like a kid
Floating up your staircase, eating pizza off of the floor

I don’t miss you
You’re not a person that I think about a lot
And I don’t mean for that to come off as a slight
But sometimes when the air is right and
Comes in through the window at night

This is me

Playing double dragon, smoking weed from a corn-cob pipe
In a house I can’t remember, stabbing at piano keys
Singing happy birthday, you were sixteen in two thousand and one

Track Name: Infinite Broken
a few years ago
I was a poem,

read quietly while the sky

turned into a black coffin
then glass,
then oak

and when the cold came
my hands were shattered
diamonds of poor syntax

trying to make sense
of my infinite

broken wordless

my only problem with winter
was the way it left me
(lost when the sunlight hit
mouthing the words

laughter. joy. I need your love.

to myself while outside
the world laughed
Track Name: Kent Lame
i met crystal hazard
in providence, rhode island
on a thursday night, september, nineteen eighty

we’d spend two days with
two friends of mine
confused on acid in coastal massachusetts

three days later, I would lose a forklift job I never liked

but for now, it’s still september fourth
crystal dances on into the woods, aglow in silver beams of moonlight

that night we’d sleep upon the stream bank

by the waterside, I will lay my head

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